The Learn Ilonggo website was established to help promote and encourage the learning of Hiligaynon. Despite being one of the largest languages spoken in the Philippines, there is a lack of publicly available information on the grammar and the spoken word. It is our desire to help accumulate and make available what we can. In addition, we have developed the first commercially available Ilonggo language set to assist others in learning the Filipino native dialect.

The Learn Ilonggo! language set was not recorded in a corporate studio. It was recorded in the provinces of Iloilo. Although no studio was used, we have done our very best to provide you a quality recording for your education. You can find a sample audio clip here at this link. While the full audio set is clear, don’t be surprised if you hear a caribou in the background!Ilonggo Kitchen

Please be aware that if you purchase our Learn Ilonggo! set, you will receive future updates and additions to the product for free. You will also be helping to support a family of 7 in the provinces. One hundred percent of your purchase price will be used to fund the rebuilding of their bamboo nipa hut into a more modern home. We thank you for your support and hope you that you enjoy learning Ilonggo.

Update 08-16-2011: Thanks to your purchases & other private donations, the family home is taking shape!